Aim Higher.

Value Driven Care.

Our Difference

Greater Patient comfort

Our physicians perform the treatments assisted with a medical device that clears any pain, discomfort, cracking or popping normally associated with Physical Therapy or Chiropractic.

Technology and speed

We leverage the best possible technology to empower the physician and assist the patient so that less time is spent on administration and more on patient care.

Higher Satisfaction

By effectively resolving the patients’ health issues with no negative side effects and a comfortable treatment, our satisfaction rates are always above 90%.

Improved Outcomes

We treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. This way the “problem” heals, but more importantly, reduce the occurance of associated co-morbidities that may manifest at a later stage.


Access is extremely important for Healthcare. By being on-site and removing any barriers to entry, including wait times and time spent away from work. We make it very easy to seek care.

Cost of Service

We work with organizations to find the best price model that is below market average. At the same time, we partner with them to deliver VALUE that is far above market average.

Highest Utilization

Thanks to the e effectiveness of the treatment, the comfort, the speed, the accessibility and ultimately the satisfaction, word-of-mouth referrals between colleagues drives our utilization over 30%.

Value on Investment

Cost savings and a positive ROI is guaranteed. But more importantly the VALUE delivered to your organization and lives that it supports is vital to the growth of both.

In summary, our most distinguishing factor is the amount of value and results we deliver per dollar invested.
Our value comes from having fine-tuned our processes, methodology and technology.

An enlightened disruptor to the status quo of Healthcare
for the enlightened organizations looking for change.
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  • Europe

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    2685-038 Lisbon, Portugal
    Phone +351 218 969 162
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