Refreshing change.

The future of Musculoskeletal care.

The Clinic


We set up a new or integrate within an existing clinic. We have high volume clinics with a foot-print of under 250 sq. feet in some cases.

Patient Guidance

We have an assistant on-site to guide the patient in all matters related to the clinic, their condition and their treatments. Any MSD related issue is a door knock, phone call or email away.

Board Certified Physicians

Together with the assistant, we have either a qualified Physical Therapist, Chiropractor or Osteopath to treat and educate the patients on their conditions.


Medical devices, Computers, Software and everything required to operate the clinic is on us.

The Business

Business Model

Each employer has their own preferred model, that said, the majority of cases are a PEPM (Per employee per month) added by a Shared Risk component.


The PEPM varies according to the size, scope and population covered. An example of a location with 3000 employees can be $6 PEPM.

Shared Risk

To keep our PEPM low, we work under a Shared Risk model. Our profits are based on the cost savings we bring to the organization. For example, at the end of the year we receive 25% of the Healthcare cost savings we helped the organization achieve.

How fast can we start?

From contract to open clinic doors is 30 - 90 days.

The treatment

We use advanced technology, methodologies, and protocols that allow for safe, e effective, and clinically predicable outcomes.

We treat the cause rather than just the symptoms. This way the “problem” heals, but more importantly, reduce the occurrence of associated co-morbidities that may manifest at a later stage.

Addressing structural improvements in posture, neuromuscular reeducation, coordination and impact cognitive and hormonal improvements that decrease stress levels, all resulting in increased productivity.

The technology also allows for the interventions to take place in a non-invasive way, and without the pain associated with Physical Therapy or the cracking and popping traditionally associated with Chiropractic procedures.

Our teams also educate each employee on health posture habits, exercise, and diet to improve general health and performance.

  • United States

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  • Europe

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    2685-038 Lisbon, Portugal
    Phone +351 218 969 162
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